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カソワリ (Cassowary) は、オーストラリア北東部1500〜2500 ほど生息している他、インドネシア、パプアニューギニアなどの熱帯雨林地域に見られる珍しい鳥です。


オーストラリアに生息するカソワリは 『Southern cassowary (別名 double-wattled cassowary) 』と呼ばれる種類です。




食性は果実を中心とした雑食性で、森林の林床で落ちている果実を採餌し、大きな種子を持った果実でもついばんで丸呑みします。1日に5kgのえさを必要とし、そのために1日に20kmも歩き回ります。ヒクイドリ属の鳥には、他の動物には毒性をしめすキョウチクトウ科ミフクラギ属コバナミフクラギ(学名: Cerbera floribunda; 英語: Cassowary plum)という植物の果実を安全に消化する能力があります。果実と一緒に飲みこまれた種子は糞と共に排出される事で芽吹き、ヒクイドリ属の鳥の移動とともに広範囲に種子が散布されるので、果実食の習性は彼等が生きる森林を維持するのに重要な役割を担っています。カタツムリや小型の哺乳類の死骸や、菌類や昆虫類、小さな甲殻類も捕食します。



【Australia Birds】Cassowary

Cassowary is a rare bird found in northeastern Australia estermated about 1500-2500 in the wild such as tropical rainforest areas such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Although it is said that it once lived in a wider area, it is an endangered bird because its population has decreased due to the effects of reduced tropical rainforests and introduction of domestic animals.

You can see them in zoos and other places in Cairns, and you can also see wild cassowary around Cape Trubulation northern of Cairns and Mission Beach south of the Cairns.

There is even a Japanese name of "Hikuidori" (fire eating bird) because this species has red dripping around the neck. If you wonder why there is a Japanese name even though it is not in the book, actually this bird is Edo It was introduced to Japan by a Dutch trading ship in the early days, and the Japanese name seems to have been given at that time.


The maximum weight is 85 kg and the total height is 190 cm. The general height is 127-170 cm, the female weighs about 58 kg, and the male weighs about 29-34 kg . The body height is not as high as that of an Emu because it is slightly slouched, but its weight is the heaviest next to ostrich among modern birds.

Large, flat, helmet-shaped keratinous process on the crown. There is no feather from the head to the neck, and blue skin is bare . It has a bony brown-colored mackerel on its head, which acts as a helmet when acting in bushes, and also serves as a cooling body in the hot rainforest.

The face and throat are blue, with two red meat drips hanging from the throat, the body color does not show extreme sexual dimorphism, but the female is larger, has a longer tosaka, and has exposed skin. The part that has a light color. Young birds have feathers with brown stripes.

Its wings are smaller than those of a large body and cannot fly, but its leg strength is strong and it can run at a speed of about 50km/h. The three fingers have large, sturdy blade-like claws of 12 cm with sturdy legs covered in scales. Although it is cautious and timid in nature, it has an unexpectedly rough temperament. This claw-like claw also has the ability to kill people and dogs by stinging them.




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